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The other day I was walking into town and saw these two kids playing in a parking lot.  I was instantly reminded of a simpler time in my life.  Back in the day when we were young and would play for hours outside with nothing but our imaginations.  For reasons unknown to me, I specifically began to remember being 7 years old and very good friends with the neighbors’ grandkids, Mike and Steve.  In later years we did our share of video gaming sure, but for at least one summer, we were happiest outside.  There was one game in particular that was always our favorite, a game we simply called ‘cars.’  My neighbors had a fairly long driveway, and how the game worked was really quite easy.  What we would do is wait at the end of the driveway, and whenever any of us saw a car coming up the road we would yell warning and run down the driveway to the garage.  The goal was to make it all way to the garage before the car passed the driveway.  If you didn’t, you were ‘run over’ and had to fall down and play dead.  Part of the older me of now looks at something like that as being silly little kids, but I like to believe there is a me inside who is still that same little boy in a way, who still enjoys such simple little pleasures.  I guess I just never want to grow up.


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