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So I’ve been listening a lot lately to the latest album from the band Trapt, Only Through the Pain, and I’ve decided to try my hand at my own ‘official’ review.

My general opinion of the band is that with both of their previous releases they are a very solid, decent rock band, and this most recent album is no different in that respect.  If you’re looking to be blown away, or even expecting something that will really stand out, you may find yourself disappointed.  But if you just want to hear some good rock then I would certainly recommend you check this out (I am listening to it again as I write, want to make sure I’m in the right frame of mind you know).  While the music is solid, if somewhat generic, lyrically I think they have grown a bit.  Now is it just a time in my life when many of their lyrics are speaking to me more or are lyrics themselves better?  Well I’m going to say that it just may be a bit of both ;).  Anyway, enough of this, let’s get into some of the details and you decide for yourselves…

“Wasteland” : The album opens with what is probably their angriest song. You tell me what you want from me, You never ask me what I need.  A good, energetic start, and a song about fighting to be yourself, to be free at all costs. Your master plan don’t understand I’d rather live in my own wasteland.

“Who’s Going Home with You Tonight” : The content of this one is pretty obvious, a story of lost love and questioning.  Was it real or am I part of your collection, Why can’t I hold on to you he asks as he contemplates what has happened.

“Contagious” : Here they take a turn to the positive side, a song of finding that singular and inescapable desire.  I let you in and you infected me… You’re so contagious and now I know for sure there is no cure.  The ‘infection’ metaphor persists throughout the entire song I was out of addictions by my own admission and makes for one of the more memorable songs here.

“Black Rose” : My favorite song on this album, just for the image.  Every time I held you I knew that it would hurt, Only through the pain I could find a way to learn.  Comparing his love to a rose, beautiful and painful.  Black rose your thorns are cutting into me for the last time, Black rose I watched your petals wilt away, I couldn’t bring you back to life.  This idea of a flower so different from the others, but it’s dying and he can’t save it and questions why.  You were always where the sun could never go, I never wanted you to have to be alone, But I couldn’t find a way to help you grow.  To me this represents some of their most powerful lyrics.

“Ready When You Are” : Another song of love and relationships (a common theme indeed).  This one is more one of waiting for a love.  You’re too confused to open up, You don’t know what to say, Well you can tell me if you think it’s love, I won’t be far away.  A very mellow and patient song, Calm down, don’t take it too far, I know only time can heal scars, I’m ready when you are.  This idea that there’s no need to rush anything, but telling his love that he’ll be there for her whenever she’s ready.

“Forget About the Rain” : Another one of my more favorite tracks, this one a story about overcoming problems and difficulties.  The weather here was nice but the sun has gone away, he paints the picture to start with.  But as the song moves so does he, The storm that you’ve been hiding from will end.  A really good, positive song, and musically has a good almost funky kind of groove to it, so a little different for them.

“Cover Up” : Back to the ‘angrier’ side.  Cover up, cover up, don’t let them see the real you. If your secrets can’t stay silent all those rumors might just end up being true. A song about someone who always put on a facade Has anyone ever seen your real face and basically calling that person out for always hiding.

“Only One in Color” : Another positive ‘relationshippy’ song.  There is no one like you, and in a world that’s black and white you are the only one in color.  No explanation needed I think, but a nice song.

“Wherever She Goes” : Happiness over, they return to the ‘lost love’ theme.  Promising forever starts with just a hope, staying together well that’s a different rope.  A story of a relationship lost but there is the hope that it will return, that he will follow his love and work it out again.

“Curiosity Kills” : Ignorance is bliss, I only wish that I’d been blind.  To me this is a song about the idea that some things are better left unknown.  Curiosity kills, what you don’t know won’t hurt you, what you don’t know won’t break your heart.  An interesting theme about the dangers of digging too deep, that sometimes knowledge will only bring pain.

“The Last Tear” : A fitting title for the final song, and a fairly somber one at that.  You cling to the sadness in your dreams, being happy is something you don’t need… You’re so emotional yet I don’t think you feel anything.  A song about someone living in their misery, yet refusing help.  Are you bored with the life you chose, you pushed them all away you know.  To me it’s about someone who’s gotten into some kind of mess (an abusive relationship perhaps, or something similar) but refuses to leave, still goes back.  You always swear this is the last tear you’ll ever cry.


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