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Well it’s time for another album review!  I was introduced today to the latest offering from Nickelback, titled Dark Horse.  And the verdict?  Definitely a favorable one.  While it doesn’t quite live up to (what is in my opinion their best work) The Long Road, this newest album is definitely superior to the a-little-too-radio-friendly All the Right Reasons.  A return of sorts to a generally louder, heavier sound, gives listeners an album full of good, solid rock.  Add to that plenty of sex, drugs, rock n roll lyrics, and you’ve got one very entertaining listen!

“Something in Your Mouth” : Well the album opens up with a bang.  She loves the night scene, bar queen, living for the fun, taking over every dance floor like she’s the only one.  I think we all the type of girl this song is about, but a good fun rockin’ song to start.

“Burn It to the Ground” : No letup here, the heaviest song on the album.  If the last song was for the drunk girls, this is one for the guys.  We’re going off tonight, to kick off every light, to get anything we want, to drink everything in sight.  A song about just going out and rocking out and getting totally shit drunk.

“Gotta Be Somebody” : Now they do tone it down, but just a bit.  Everyone wants to know they’re not alone, there’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere, there’s gotta be somebody for me out there.  He sings of looking for that special ‘one’ and the thoughts and feelings to go with it, a nice positive song, even if it is on the lighter side.

“I’d Come for You” : Sticking with the ‘love’ theme, it fits though as this song is almost a lyrical sequel to the last.  I’d come for you, no one but you, yes I’d come for you, but only if you told me to.  Another good message song, one that expresses how forever his love is and how he’d never let anything ever come between them.

“Next Go Round” : Back to the heavy, and a song that really can’t be interpreted as anything else.  I wanna go so long your parents think you died, they’re gonna call the cops, the CIA and then the FBI.  No explanation necessary I think, but a fun, high energy song to match the lyrics.

“Just to Get High” : As the title suggests, a very angry song about a friend with a drug problem.  I can still remember what his face looked like when I found him in an alley in the middle of the night.  A really tragic story gets painted here, and definitely the darkest song on the album.

“Never Gonna Be Alone” : Here they slow it back down a little bit with another ‘ballad’.  As long as I can, I’m holding on with both hands, cause forever I believe that there’s nothing I could need but you.  They manage another lovey but not boring song, with yet another positive message about always being there for the one you love.

“Shakin’ Hands” : Interlude over, back to another story from ‘the streets’.  Well she ain’t no Cinderella when she’s gettin undressed cause she rocks it like a naughty wicked witch of the West.  In short, a song about a prostitute.  Appropriately, a song with a good slow heavy groove to it.

“S.E.X.” : Any explanation needed?  S is for the simplety, E is for the ecstacy, X is just to mark the spot cause that’s the one you really want.  Yeah, didn’t think so.

“If Today Was Your Last Day” : My favorite song lyrically of the album.  Against the grain should be a way of life, what’s worth the prize is always worth the fight.  A song about living as if there’s no tomorrow, and enjoying life.

“This Afternoon” : They close the album with a fun tune about just hanging out with friends.  Get up, go out, me and all my friends, drink up, fall down, then we’ll do it all again.  A definite party song, ending on a high note.


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