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2008 is quickly coming to an end, and I must say that this year has been one like no other.  I began the year as the previous 3 before, single with no prospects, and while no one really likes to be alone all the time, I had grown accustomed to that type of life.  On a more positive note, I was playing in a band that was really starting to take off with bigger and bigger shows getting booked, new songs being written, and plans being formed to record a full CD.  I had also just moved to my home here in the Boston suburbs with some great roommates.  But of course, as they must, things change.  It’s certainly been an interesting and unique ride for me this year.

I met a friend who completely changed my life.  Someone who, for the first time in a very long time, saw and appreciated me for who I am, and really taught me to do the same.  To believe that I am a ‘perfectly lovely’ person (her words, not mine haha), and really helped me gain some much needed confidence in that area, that if I stay true to myself always, I will be better for it.  Part of that of course as well, was something much more than simple friendship, which through the year developed to a certain level until getting lost somewhere in the chaos of life.  How will that story end?  Only time can tell, but no matter what I still have no regrets, Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better, but because I knew you I have been changed for good.

I watched the band that I was in, that was on the ‘up and up’, fall to pieces.  Struggle and conflict was a part of the group from the beginning, taken and accepted as just how things were.  But right as we were on the verge of really busting out, tensions crossed that critical point, and our vocalist quit.  Months were spent trying to find a new voice, when eventually it became clear to me that really wasn’t going to solve the problem.  Sometimes things just don’t work out like you expect them to, and you have to move on with your life.  And so I did.

The fall season saw 2 very big changes, turnarounds if you will.  The first of which was in music.  After deciding there was nothing more to be done with the old band, I managed to find a new one.  And the result has been a complete 180.  I now play in a group where ‘fun’ is the focus, enjoyment of what we do is priority number one.  No conflict, no arguments, no over-obsessing over stupid little details.  And as if this change in atmosphere wasn’t enough of a positive thing, the music we’ve been writing I think is not only more fun to play but to listen to as well, and I have to say I feel really good about it.  In a few short months we’ve already written 9 songs, and I can’t wait to show the world what we’ve done.

The second change was meeting another new friend.  Even with my newfound self-confidence and self-awareness, it’s certainly been a pleasant surprise to meet someone who I can really comfortably be myself around.  Despite whatever may have happened throughout the year, the people that have come and gone (Doesn’t anybody ever know, that the world’s a subway), I’m going into the next with confidence and excitement, even more than I began this past year with.

So ends the ridiculously long over-personal writings… for now.


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