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After last night’s concert (the 5th national tour I’ve seen this year!) it seemed time to try my hand at another concert review.  It may not have been metal night at ‘the gahden’ or a band that’s been around nearly as long, But these guys know how to put on a good rock ‘n’ roll show.

Opening up the night were newcomers Saving Abel.  Most known for their hit single ‘Addicted’ these guys wasted no time getting right into the rock.  One point I have to mention here is how unfortunate it was for the complete lack of crowd response they received.  In fact, I found myself completely baffled for the entire show (even during the headliners!) as to the total lack of energy that this sold out arena displayed.  The entire night was a sea of blank stares and still bodies, really quite eerie.  Anyway, while it was clear that these guys were still a bit new, they definitely were not bad, and despite the crowd did their job of opening with energy.

Next up were veteran rockers Seether, back from rehab and playing a mix of songs old and new.  Their drummer, plagued with a very nasty flu, still came out and performed being forced to sit out for only a couple songs.  I always have respect for those musicians who will fight through ailment and injury to continue to play for their fans, and they were very good to see live.

And then it was time for the main event.  Nickelback exploded onto the stage (literally) with fireworks and pyros blasting out their latest single, ‘Something in Your Mouth.’  From there they went right into ‘Because of You,’ one of the heaviest and most hard rockin songs of their repertoire.  The next 2 hours were full of good, solid rock songs, and plenty of Chad Kroeger’s banter in between.  This is a band that you can tell enjoy what they do, and have a lot of fun on stage.  Some songs have messages and deeper meaning, and some are just plain rock ‘n’ roll fun, but the whole night was quite amazing, with a stage show that included plenty of fireworks, pyros, lights and lasers, a 2nd drum set that unfolded from beneath the stage, tshirt sniper rifles, dirty jokes, and a drum solo as his kit raised up in the air and rotated around.  All in all, it was just a good time and a show that is the very definition of rock ‘n’ roll.

The set list (as best I remember):
Something in Your Mouth
Because of You
Use Somebody [Kings of Leon cover w/ guitarist Ryan Peake singing]
Savin’ Me
Far Away
If Everyone Cared
Gotta Be Somebody
This Afternoon
Sad But True intro and main riff [Metallica cover]
Next Go Round teaser riff
Burn It to the Ground
How You Remind Me
Too Bad
Figured You Out


View pics from the show here. (And special thanks to Stacy for some awesome shots that she got!)


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