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My first CD purchase of 2009 is the 5th album from Chicago based metal band Dope, and in my opinion one of their best.  Founding member and lead singer Edsel Dope certainly has the ability to tell stories of the streets from someone who’s been there (it is at least rumored that band members sold drugs on the street in order to buy instruments and record their first album), but Edsel is not one for subtlety or metaphor.  Instead he chooses to bring the listeners blunt, excessively obscene lyrics about sex, drugs, and violence that are somehow still catchy enough that even the most straight-edged pacifict can’t help but sing along.  No Regrets is certainly quite a fitting title for their latest work, as a common theme throughout the songs is the idea of doing things your own way and not letting anyone else hinder that.  So let’s get to it!

“6-6-Sick” – Fuck it! I’m fucked in the head from the dirt you fed now I’m back from the dead.  As you can see, they waste no time when the first thing out of his mouth is a series of F-bombs.  The demon’s got ahold of me there ain’t no cure for my disease.  An extremely violent song with no real meaning that I can see other that simply being evil.

“Addiction” – She’s like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and vicodin.  A song featuring the guitar mastery of Zakk Wylde, a very catchy tune about a girl.

“No Regrets” – Over and over I keep taking myself down, with no regrets for anything I did, and I won’t forget to do it all again.  A song about living life how you want no matter what happens.

“My Funeral” – My time has come, I don’t want to leave you behind, but this one I’ll do on my own.  A rare metaphorical song.  I suppose I could be wrong and it’s simply a song about death, but to me it’s a song about making a choice (a take on the phrase “it’s your funeral”) and accepting whatever the consequences are of that.

“We Are” – We are the scars that you hope to forget.  Back to the heavy music, a song similar to “6-6-Sick” about just being angry and violent.

“Dirty World” – I want to taste you, and violate you. There’s no questioning what this song is about.  Just a slow-grooving dirty ‘fucking’ song

“Violence” – Break it down now the blood is flowin’, the body count is growin’.  As the title suggests, quite simply a song about violence, one to get the mosh pits raging I’m sure.

“Best for Me” – I got nothin to prove, I got no one to please, I do what’s best for me.  Again there’s no question here, a song about doing what you want to do and living for yourself and no one else.

“Scorn” – Nobody taught me to hate, nobody taught me to feel, you only showed me your pain, but you never taught me to heal.  A song about someone who’s caused him some great pain, and his anger towards them for it.

-Bonus Tracks- (just cause they’re fun)

“Rebel Yell” – No stranger to covers (take a listen to their versions of “You Spin Me Round Like a Record” and “People are People”), they do quite a good job bringing a modern edge to Billy Idol’s classic tune.

“I Don’t Give a…” – As Edsel states at the beginning, a fun little tune about not caring about anything.

“Die Boom Bang Burn Fuck” – This is actually a live compilation of some of their most violently catchy songs: “Die Motherfucker Die”, “I’m Back”, “Sick”, “Burn”, and their version of N.W.A.’s “Fuck tha Police”.

“Nothing for Me Here” – A song originally written for and featured in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.


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