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Perhaps a bit of a corollary to my weekend concert review, but the band Halestorm has certainly struck my interest.  Vocalist/Guitarist Lzzy Hale is a sexy rocker chick with the attitude to go with it.  Her voice is I dare say perfect for the style of music, and her lyrics go from self-reflection to all-out angst and back again.  I managed to get my hands on an advanced copy of their upcoming self-titled debut, and if you’re looking for some good, solid rock, you are definitely going to want to pick this up!  Let’s look a little deeper…

It’s Not You :  The album starts right off with a big ‘fuck you’ to the playas out there.  “You’ve probably never been shot down before, I’ll try and make it easier” quotes Hale, as she describes how’s she’s found someone who treats her as she deserves and, as the title suggests, “It’s not you.”

I Get Off : Transition to the taboo, “I could close the curtain, but this is too much fun.” A song about knowing you’re being watched, and enjoying it.

Bet U Wish U Had Me Back : A song that begins with what sounds like beautiful reminiscing, with a hint of that dirtyness left over from the previous track, It was you and me and one hot summer, beaten up with sweat, all over each other… But then it kicks in and you realize this song is not so sentimental, more of a very proud “look what you missed out on.”

Innocence : Here she goes to other end, instead of so much pride we get her own confessions of not feeling worthy of someone. “Child don’t follow me home, you’re just too perfect for my hands to hold.” She’s trying to express that she’s not as good as this person thinks, she doesn’t want to hurt them but she feels it’s inevitable.

Familiar Taste of Poison : A very dark, mellow ballad. “The sweet escape is always laced with a familiar taste of poison.” She’s torn, wanting and needing this, even though it hurts her.  “I don’t want to be saved,” she says as she expresses enjoying the pain, needing it to be part of the whole thing that she can’t let go of.

I’m Not an Angel : Another very self-reflective song.  “I don’t have wings, so flying with me won’t be easy.” She’s telling how she knows her ways, that she’s afraid of hurting this person but believes it’s how she is and she’ll never change.

What Were You Expecting? : A very familiar theme running through these songs.  “I never was the kind of girl that’s good at playing house.” Again she’s saying “this is what I am, and if you think I’m going to change you’re crazy.”  There’s also a sense of looking for something/someone similar, not someone who’s needing her and being too emotional and sensitive.

Love/Hate Heartbreak : A song about a very volatile relationship that has just ended.  “Why did I waste my time?  Two steps I don’t rewind.” She sings about how she tried but now she’s giving back just she got.

Better Sorry Than Safe : Here, she’s feeling a need to escape and be free.  “You know all my ins and outs, but everything is way too comfortable.” She’s expressing a need to leave, even though there’s nothing really wrong, and no reason other than something inside her that won’t allow her to be tied down to any one person.

Dirty Work : A very interesting song.  “I need someone young willing and able, you need someone old enough to know better.” One big euphamism for, well I’m sure you can figure out what she wants ;)

Nothing to do with Love : Returning once more to the same theme, “I’m not the one you want to give your heart to.” It’s been obvious throughout this album that maintaining her freedom and individuality are very important to her.

Tell Me Where It Hurts : Billed as a bonus track, a little different look at a relationship.  “Another victim of my method of seduction, I made you look but you never saw me coming.” To me this song is kind of saying go ahead and open “Pandora’s Box” if you dare, but realize that I’m the one calling the shots here and whatever control you may think you have, you don’t. Basically a warning, that you can go ahead and try but you have no idea what you’re in for.


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