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The newly opened House of Blues in Boston was the scene this weekend for 2 sold out rock shows, and for good reason.  Friday night I was treated to seeing alternative act LIVE for the first time, and they did not disappoint.  In fact, their show was much better than expected, you can tell that these guys really enjoy what they do, and they’re very good at it.  I was quite excited to hear them play a few rarer tracks in the set as well, which already consisted of a a majority of songs from their mid-to-late-90’s albums.  Also the fact that they ended the night with what is my all-time favorite track of theirs was definitely more big points for this group, even for the casual fan such as me I’d highly recommend checking them out.  I don’t remember the exact ordering, but these are the songs heard that night:

Gas Hed Goes West
Selling the Drama
The Dolphin’s Cry
Lightning Crashes
I Alone
Lakini’s Juice
The Distance
Turn My Head
Simple Creed
All Over You
Blowin’ in the Wind [Bob Dylan cover]
Run to the Water
White, Discussion

The next night was full of loud, heavy rock.  Opening up were newcomers Halestorm.  We unfortunately only caught the last couple songs of theirs, but the sound was great.  I did pick up an advance copy of their CD after the show and it makes me really wish I had seen more of them live, definitely a good band to get the blood flowing and open up the night.

The last time 10 Years came through this area was just a few months ago on a tour with Mudvayne, and while that was good, this night’s show was almost a completely different band.  The sound was incredible, and they filled the entire place with a truly great energy playing a set mostly consisting of tracks off their latest album Division, with a couple fan favorites from their debut as well.  Overall a great performance.  Their set:

Waking Up
Actions & Motives
Russian Roulette
11:00AM (Daydreamer)
So Long, Good-Bye
Drug of Choice

Finishing out the night were heavy rockers Shinedown.  Being close enough to get spit on by lead singer Brent Smith we could see and feel the power and emotion in his voice.  His music and his songs are deeply personal, as he conveyed with little anecdotes about the origins of some of them.  And while he may not be running around on stage, you could tell that he was pouring his heart and soul into every word.  Definitely a must-see.  And what musical stories did they share with us?

Cry for Help
I Dare You
If You Only Knew
Burning Bright
Junkies for Fame [rare unreleased track!]
Call Me
Left Out
The Sound of Madness
The Crow & the Butterfly
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
Fly from the Inside
Second Chance
Save Me

From Shinedown

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  1. you missed a good amount of songs in the LIVE setlist, but most notably the song they opened with, the kickass “Purifier”

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