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So I’m sure I’ve mentioned a number of times how truly powerful I believe music to be, and thinking now of an experience that just occurred, not for the first time, I feel I must revisit this once again…

There is a song which, without fail, every single time I hear it, the familiar drum beat, the strumming of guitar, a voice calm yet emotionally charged… it’s as though every thought in my head washes away.  The world stops and there is nothing.  Nothing except the song and a single thought.  A dream.  A vision of unparalleled beauty smiling at me through eyes that are the warmest blue.  The touch of a hand running through the hair on my head and neck.  A scent instantly recognizable, unmistakable.  Until the song is done, there are no worries, no cares, no thoughts of any kind except for that one perfect memory.  And for the briefest of moments I believe I truly know what it means to love.

And I smile.


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