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An open letter

No, I don’t know why, since there’s maybe one person in the world who actually reads this stuff, but regardless this is my medium of choice at the moment.

I was thinking, wondering how things could have become so different, hearing words that don’t seem to fit with actions, trying to determine what was real or just in my head, unable to accept that anything that’s been said or done was meaningless.  And then I began reading old emails, from a time so long ago that still feels like only yesterday.  And I realized that I was wrong, that nothing has changed, not really.  I find it fantastically amazing, reading these, that I could write the exact same letter that I wrote a year and a half ago, and still mean every single word of it, just as I did then.  And I see over and over the same feelings, the same expressions, circling around and around, but always coming back to the same universal truth.

I won’t deny that a part of me wishes things could be different, desires it very deeply, but looking back and seeing now, I know this:  No matter where our lives take us, or what happens in them, I will always love you, just as I always have.

It’s all a circle, we will make
Another circle, we take
It’s all a question, to save the truth
Another lesson, we choose

We will make it out of this
Step by step we’ll take them before us
We will make it out of this
We will overcome, love will save us


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