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I think there’s a truly beautiful sentiment expressed in this song.  The idea that life can be a good thing, a fantastic thing, and all you have to do to see it is “let go”.

I spent a week with  my family (who nowadays I rarely ever spend more than a day with a few times a year), and despite weather setbacks, things not going quite as we hoped, it was just what I needed.  An escape from everything and everyone, particularly the things causing stress, pain, hurt that I was for reasons that I don’t really know or understand continuing to hold on to.  That time helped me to release those things, to leave only the love, the good, to hold on to.

I am free. :)

Adema – “Let Go”

I’m sitting on the edge of the water
Contemplating my strange life
The sun starts to fall into the ground
A breeze picks up off the waves
And everything is fine

Let go of all of your pain…

I know that I am not alone
Everyone makes mistakes
And starts to learn with time
I am content with who I am
There’s nothing more I need to say
I’m happy with my life

Let go of all of your pain
Let go of all of your pain
Let go and you’ll escape
You’ll be happy with yourself
Let go of all of your pain


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