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My friends in school used to tell me that I changed my AIM screen name about as often as I would do laundry, and the sad thing is that probably wasn’t that much of a stretch.  I’m not sure if it’s boredom or some need for change or what, but the online world in general it seems is one area of my life I always find difficult to “settle” in.  I start things, play with them for a little while, then move on.  This ‘blog’ even is sporadic at best.  Add that to a an online presence that consists of a slew of social sites and pages, even multiple “versions” of some, and what I seem to end up with is a thinly-spread, minimally maintained, digital “life”.  I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  I don’t know how people do it, better management skills perhaps?  For me, trying to keep track of a dozen different web sites, “follow” hundreds of people, there’s just no way I can keep up.  Fact is, I haven’t been.  I’ve been spreading myself so thin that I end up losing touch with some of the people closest to me, and that’s just no good.  As well as the fact that my work and personal lives both have started becoming difficult to manage because I am too easily lost in the online world.  Same all goes double for the band.  I’ve been maintaining even more “band” pages, most of which have zero people following or paying any attention, not to forget as well this idea I had to have a separate personal and band presence online.  For some reason I wanted to try to separate these two different worlds, but the problem with that is that they are both me, and I can’t live separated like that.  I am who I am, and the world’s just going to have to take that, all or nothing.  Drummer, anti-stereotypical computer nerd, why should I only pretend to be half of what I am at any point in time?

So, some changes are happening.  My presence on various websites that are pretty much useless for me personally (or at least, unnecessary) will fade away entirely.  On others, consolidation.  This goes even beyond websites, to various IM clients that I feel are not the best uses of my time.  Besides, anyone that actually wants to talk to me knows how to reach me.  I’m still here (not that anyone actually reads this stuff), as I feel it’s good to write these random blurbs to nobody.  Otherwise, Facebook, Twitter/Brightkite (in conjunction, with a single account, and on a much more controlled scale), Skype or, you know, cell phone works.


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