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I pity anyone
Who has never felt
The pure euphoria
Of true passion
Of true love


In my life I’ve had the good fortune you could say to experience two truly great loves, cookies & cowbells (haha!).  Seriously though, I’m not talking about “new favorite song I can’t stop listening to” or “man, the things this girl can do”… when I say truly great love what I mean is something that has not only brought happiness on a level beyond imagination, but that has become so ingrained that it is a part of who I am.  Something so strong that the only way it could ever be lost is if I lost myself.

I want to tell a story about one of these great loves in particular.  While playing in a “summer band” in high school I befriended a bassist (I can’t even now remember his name, terrible I know :P) from our neighboring and rival school.  What can I say, it was the classic case of crossing boundaries haha.  Anyway, one day kind of out of nowhere he calls me up and tells me his school is having a talent show and he wants to put together a band to play a song for it.  As this sounded a little more interesting than the typical school concert (at the time the only type of public playing I’d ever done) I of course agreed.  The song was “Starless” by King Crimson, a 10 minute epic, the 2nd half of which is in 13/4 time (pretty impressive for some 15-year-old kids), and to this day is probably still one of the most complex pieces of music I’ve ever even attempted to play.  I never was one to slowly ease into the pool ;).  We worked tirelessly for over a month, rehearsing and rehearsing and rehearsing some more, trying to get everything just right, trying more to just not let the song become a total train wreck.  It came time to play, I was so nervous and going over the song over and over in my head… but when the time came we rocked it flawlessly.  I’ve been in bands for years and not been as tight together on stage as we were that night.  Everything just clicked right into place, to the point where it was almost easy, and the feeling as the song came crashing through it’s ending was really indescribable.  I remember hours later we were still reveling, still bouncing off the walls with energy and excitement as if we had just drank 10 cups of coffee and a gallon of Redbull.  That night is without a doubt one of the greatest memories of my life, and I’ve spent my life since trying to recreate that feeling any way that I can.  I always enjoyed playing, but that night made me.  To think about it now, it’s truly incredible how powerful that passion is.  Anyone who’s seen me play can tell you that I pour my very soul into every single second of every performance, and I can tell you that I love every bit of it.

KC – “Starless” (can’t embed it so click the link):


One Comment

  1. So true.

    “Always laughin’ and singin’ and groovin’ and lovin’
    And reachin’ for more.”

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