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“In a world of black and white, you are the only one in color…” -Trapt

So many come and go
Ageless, nameless, faceless bodies
Unknowingly playing their part
And then gone, forgotten for the next

Even close friends, family, blood
Fade in and out of focus
Fall into the background
From time to time

For most of my life, I felt one of “them”
Just another forgettable face
Lost in the crowd, an invisible man
Until I saw her seeing me

The connection was instantaneous
I felt I knew her before I even knew her name
She was and is forever a part of me
In every breath, and every song I sing

Time waits for no one, as the saying goes
And neither do I
There’s no waiting to be done when you’ve already found
The very thing you’ve unwittingly been searching for

One who takes the time to know you
Whose presence brightens the darkest days
She is light and warmth like the first day of June
An ocean of love, a beautiful wave

In a world of the forgettable
Comers, goers, passers-by
She is the one constant beacon
Shining my way home


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