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A man was driving home one night,
From a day filled with light and fun,
Found himself sitting, a red light glowing,
Just outside the house of the sun.

And he couldn’t help but wonder,
In that briefest of moments,

Is she up there right now?
Does she know? Does she feel?
That someone is thinking of her
And smiling

With these thoughts, a vision comes,
A girl sitting in her favorite chair.
Something moves her, an instinct, reaction,
Pulls her head toward the window,
And for one brief moment,
From where the thought comes she cannot say,

But she knows,
And she smiles.

Down below, the light turns green,
The driver continues on his way.
But this will surely not be the last time
He passes this particular intersection
And he wonders,

The next time he finds himself
Enjoying a moment at the corner of W & M,
Will she know? Will she care?
And most of all, will she smile?


They say,

Home is where the heart is.

So I must live in a music box,

Filled with cookies.